Are there dog flaps for both large and small dogs?

Is there a dog flap where a Mastino Napolitano of 90 kg and a Cavalier King Charles of 7 kg can pass as easily? This question kept us busy when we had these two very different house friends. The answer was unfortunately: no. One flap was too heavy for our little princess, the other not solid enough for our bulldozer.

The birth of Tomsgates

That was the birth of Tomsgates: the search for the ideal dog flap for all breeds, sizes and weights. Years of experimenting lead us to the patented Tomsgates system of hardwood slats on a smooth rubber flap. Robust enough for the most massive pushers and trouble-free for the smallest breeds – and even for cats – because they only have to push open the bottom slat. In this cheerful demo you can see how effortlessly large and small dogs enjoy their freedom.

Better for humans and pets

Tomgates dog flaps are the standard for demanding animal lovers. Not only ideal for our house friends, but also for the human residents. Exclusive types of wood such as padouk, oak or afrormosia and individual finishing colours make it possible to choose a flap that fits well with the personal living atmosphere. Cold, wind and rain are kept out by the solid magnetic closure. And burglars do not stand a chance thanks to the two-centimeter thick solid wood door with steel lock.