A dog-friendly and tidy home in 10 tips!

Plenty of videos can be found on YouTube demonstrating ways to house-train your dog. Did you know that you can even teach him to wipe his feet on the way in? Yeah right, good luck!

While watching these adorable clips is fun, I don’t see my mastiff doing this any time soon. Not to worry, we have 10 tips to create the ideal environment for you and your best friend.

10. Create an entrance zone to catch the majority of the drips and debris. Ideally, the entrance zone should consist of a doormat surrounded by enough tiles or low-maintenance material to cover your dog’s first 4 steps inside.

9. Does your dog love to go wild playing in the garden or when out for a walk? He’s probably parched upon return and is ready to head straight to his water dish, even when covered head-to-toe in mud. Place a water dish and towel at the end of the entrance zone: you can give him towel-cuddles while he quenches his thirst before making his way inside. Drinking and drying take roughly the same amount of time. The perfect match!

8. Keep a dog bed near the door. Your pooch will be pooched after a good long walk and will be thinking of one thing… a nice nap in a warm bed.

7. Many dogs enjoy camping out in various locations throughout the home: one bed for uninterrupted beauty sleep, one to keep an eye on the garden and one to be together with the family. This is why it is a good idea to provide several beds to represent the various moments throughout the day.


6. Perhaps the most important bed is the one for diligent monitoring of the garden, street or driveway. You can provide a low window or glazed door so that your canine friend need only lift their head while on guard duty. No renovation plans? Place a welcoming blanket on an old armchair to create a cosy vantage point in front of a window. This is a great way to prevent stress and help your dog rest rather than constantly getting up to look out the window.


5. A great tip for in the garden: an outdoor shower! Welcome relief during hot summer days, but also the ideal place for a thorough shampooing or brushing. The only place for full-body hugs with a soaked dog!

4. An absolute game-changer is a special area of the garden where your dog can do his business and get some fresh air. Did you know that dolomite is surprisingly low-maintenance? Do be sure to choose soft dolomite to prevent sore puppy toes.

3. Be considerate of the neighbours and prevent any odour disturbance. Keep the designated area upwind from surrounding properties (if there is moss on your trees, the wind frequently blows on that side!).

2. If the dog is allowed to spend time in the garden alone (they love this!), always take additional precautions: if you think that your fence is high enough to stop it jumping over, add a few more centimetres. If you are confident in that sliding bolt, add an extra lock. If you are sure that your pup doesn’t dig, add a 1-metre wide panel 10 centimetres under the ground. Dogs are incredibly resourceful and can achieve a good deal if they put their minds to it.




1. Finally: nothing is quite as frustrating for a dog as being cooped up inside while the cat is traipsing through the garden. The warm patio tiles are calling and he’s aching to roll in the grass. Treat your dog to freedom and install a charming, wood Tomsgates doggy door. Happy dog guaranteed!