5 tips to keep your dog happy when you go to work

Some dogs have no problem being alone, for others, it is very difficult. Many dogs that are left home alone spend the day calmly snoozing, but there are also dogs who start barking or howling as soon as they are left alone. Or chew on all kinds of things out of stress and boredom.

If your dog has a problem with being alone, you can help him to get through the day. How? By providing distraction and giving him something to do. Here are 5 tips.


Leave your dog with some toys that he can chew, so he is not tempted to start on the chair legs. Especially puppies chew on everything they see, but also for adult dogs it is a favorite pastime and a means against boredom and stress.

Popular are chewed toys that you can fill with a delicacy. They are made in such a way that it is difficult for the dog to get the treat out so that he can be happy with it for hours.

Tip: change the toys regularly, always chewing on the same toy will become boring in the long run.

A view

Make sure your dog has a place in front of the window from where he can look outside. That is not only an excellent distraction, it also helps your dog to become familiar with the coming and going in the neighborhood.

A dog flap

It is even more pleasant for the dog if he can not only look outside but can go in and out as he chooses. If you have a safe, enclosed garden or courtyard, a dog flap is a perfect solution.


Turn on the TV before you go to work. Not all dogs are interested in the screen, but for some, it is a welcome distraction, especially a channel like Animal Planet.

A short walk

Going home to take your dog for a walk during your lunch break is ideal. Even if it is only 10 minutes, it breaks the day and gives the dog something to look forward to. If you can not combine this with your work, maybe it’s possible to arrange something with the neighbors.