Dog flap with chip or without, what is the best?

Now that all dogs – and soon also cats – will have an implanted chip, you will see more and more flaps that only open on the signal from the chip of our roommates. An adequate way to keep foreign dogs outside, but there are also disadvantages.

Apart from the fact that not all chips can be read by standard chip flaps, these flaps are often not the most solid and safe option. That is why you will not find this possibility at Tomsgates.

At Tomsgates we make dog and cat flaps with three things in mind: ease of use, durability and a beautiful design. Criteria that ultimately weigh more heavily than electronic ingenuity, which always entails the risk of failure or malfunctions.

Technology versus reliability

A solution without electronics is a conscious choice of Tomsgates. Since 1998 we have experimented with ‘test persons’ of the most diverse format, such as our own Mastino Napolitano of 90 kg and our Cavalier King Charles of 7 kg. The end result, which you can now find in our webshop, is a series of indestructible flaps, equipped with the patented Tomsgates system of hardwood slats on a smooth rubber flap. Robust enough for the most massive pushers and trouble-free for the smallest breeds – and even for cats – because they only have to push open the bottom slat.

Price-quality consideration

Another reason for not using chip technology is the price-quality ratio. Our dog and cat flaps are among the more expensive ones in the market. Exclusive woods such as padouk, oak or afrormosia, a solide construction, customization, individual colour versions and satisfaction guarantee make Tomsgates the Rolls-Royce under the pet flaps. There are all kinds of cheaper solutions, but when you add the price of a chip reader, the difference is already a lot smaller. Animal lovers who opt for Tomsgates flaps do so precisely because of the things in which they distinguish themselves: the unrivaled comfort for people and animals, the indestructible materials and construction and the beautiful design that looks good in any house.

What about strange dogs?

But what about the risk of foreign dogs entering your home? You will not be bothered by that with a Tomsgates flap. Unlike many other pet doors, they are not transparent, and the patented system with hardwood slats makes them look more like a grill than a dog flap. Strange dogs will not get the idea that there is a passage here, and in the evening you block the entrance with the solid wooden anti-burglary door fitted with a steel lock.