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How will my pet react to the door?

For your dog or cat a pet door is much more than a toy: it means freedom, the possibility to relieve itself outdoors, expand its territory, have contact with the neighbours’ pets, etc.

If your pet is initially hesitant to use the door, you must show it that the door is a passageway, block the way it usually takes, and be patient, giving it the time to explore the possibilities… and everything will turn out fine!

Absolutely! Our patented flap system is designed to allow a small animal (pup, cat, kitten) to go through the door as it only needs to open the bottom slat, whereas taller pets will push open the complete flap.

No, Tomsgates builds only durable pet doors. Access systems built around chips do not achieve the same durability and will quickly let you down.

No, pets do not understand that a flap can be opened one moment but not the next. This will frustrate them and stress them out.

When you use the shut door, your pet will actually be able to clearly see the difference between an open and a closed door. All the pet doors on offer in our web shop come standard with a solid shut door.

Unlike other doors for dogs and cats, our pet doors are not transparent. A passing animal will not be aware that the door is a passageway. Our customers confirm they rarely have foreign intruders!

Installing the pet door

If you choose this option you will be contacted to make an appointment for our installer. The installer will come and install your hatch on the agreed day and hour, this takes approximately one and a half to two hours for a pet flap in a door and three to four hours for pet flap in a wall.

We take construction waste with us, work with dust extraction and leave everything neatly behind!


You create the opening, slide in the door and click to secure. Have a look at the installation video and download the installation guide at the bottom of the page of the product you have purchased and download the installation guide

Download this PDF with all the exact dimensions at the bottom of the page of the product you have purchased and download the installation guide.

Not found the answer to your question? Please contact us!


We have extensive experience with this type of installation and use special equipment that allows us to work in dust-free conditions. This takes roughly half a day.

We take all the waste materials with us so that everything is left tidy.

We do not recommend this for all types of glass. Bear in mind that glass may be exposed to significant stress (e.g. in wintertime when it is freezing outside and warm inside), as a result of which it may tear or crack when the door is opened.

It is better to replace part of the glass with a panel in which the door can be installed or install a hatch through the wall.

Normally it does not. Do note, however, that pets have some grease on their coats which will also be deposited on the door. You can easily remove this with soapy water.

If over the years the door loses some of its lustre under the influence of direct sunlight or rain, you can treat it with wood oil.

A Tomsgates pet door in the web shop comes standard with a 2 cm thick solid shut door with steel lock and handle.

Furthermore, the door is not transparent and does not look like a typical dog door.

How will my pet door be delivered?

The hatch is supplied by DHL or by bpost. You can expect it about two to three days after the order.

If the cat flap or the dog flap arrives damaged or if there is any other problem or question concerning the delivery, do not hesitate to contact us via the form below, email or telephone. We’ll fix it right away!

Our dog doors and cat doors are durable, made to last a very long time. However, our rubbers and the wood are natural products that can exhibit defects. These material defects will occur within 2 years, which corresponds to our guarantee period.

If a problem does arise later, please contact us, as we will always look for a solution.

Tomsgates pet doors are only sold directly by Tomsgates, not through retail outlets. If you would like to see one of our pet doors, contact us using the form below and we will make sure that you can!

If you receive something upon delivery that is different from what you had in mind when ordering, contact us immediately. We solve it immediately!

If we do not come to a solution that is good for you, we will of course pay you back.

For more than 15 years we have been addressing the issue of tall and small pets wanting to get in and out of the house, taking into account the fact that their owners want a durable and great-looking solution as well as a first-rate installation service.

We do not only have hands-on experience but also patented our own designs! That’s why we are always interested in the feedback of our customers, which we use to further improve our products. Please use the form below to tell us your experiences, both good and not so good, with the pet door! Click here for our history.

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