What is the best place for a dog flap?

Most dog owners will install a dog flap in the door. Another possibility is in the wall. If you do not want to disfigure a beautiful door, that’s a good alternative. A third solution that you will encounter is in a glass sliding wall or in a window. However, this is less advisable because glass may be exposed to significant stress (eg in wintertime when it is freezing outside and warm inside), as a result of which it may tear or crack.

Safety considerations

Another consideration for the location of the flap is the visibility from the outside. The risk that passing dogs will discover the entrance – or even worse, burglars – is not imaginary. With a Tomsgates dog flap, this risk is minimal. Thanks to its patented system of wooden slats, it does not look like a door, but rather like a ventilation grille. And human intruders literally stand before a closed door. At night and in the event of absence, the 2 cm thick solid wood door with a steel lock ensures adequate protection against burglary.


Tomsgates dog and cat flaps are suitable for installation in doors as well as in walls. The beautiful hardwood slats look good in any home, and exclusive woods such as padouk, oak or afrormosia and individual finish colours make it possible to choose a pet flap that perfectly matches the individual living environment.

Installation service

A Tomsgates flap is easy to install, but those who want to be sure of professional work can use our installation service. The gate to freedom for your pets will then be firmly and neatly installed within a few hours.