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✔️ Suitable for very large dogs with a maximum width of 32 cm and a shoulder height of 60 cm or more.
✔️ The passage of the flap is 32 cm wide and 45 cm high and is to be installed at about 25 cm from the floor.
✔️ With the frame included, the dog door is 42 cm wide and 55 cm high.


Choose the finishing


alt Dog door | Wooden dog door, naturally finished, ready for painting, oiling, ... | © Tomsgates

The wood is sandpapered and ready to be treated as you prefer with oil, paint, varnish, ... The possibilities are endless ! If the wood does not get in contact with rain or moisture, you can also leave it untreated. 

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Grey oiled

Dog door | Wooden dog door, Grey Oil finishing | © Tomsgates

The wood is treated with Garden Oil from Boss, colour Thunder Sky. A very low-maintenance colour ! If over the years, the pet door begins to discolour, you can re-oil it with with any wood-oil with a brush or a cloth. 

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White oiled

Dog door | Wooden dog door, White Oil finishing | © Tomsgates

The wood is treated with garden oil from Boss, colour White Clouds. This colour beautifully complements black joinery. The white oil can, if necessary after years, be re-oiled with any kind of wood oil with a cloth or brush.

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Choose the fitting

Dog doors | Fitting service in Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Great Britain | © Tomsgates

Fitted as from 176 € !

In Belgium, it is our own employees who install the Tomsgates pet doors. In the Netherlands, Norway and Great Britain we organize the installation for you with our local partners. So we guarantee the service and quality.  

If the pet door is installed in Belgium in a house of at least 10 years old, you only pay 176 € for the installation because of the VAT benefit. In our webshop you pay the full 21 pct VAT when you order. After installation you will receive a refund of the overpaid VAT within 14 days.

How does it work ?

1. If you add your pet door to the shopping basket, you can immediately order the installation in the shopping basket.

2. We will contact you as soon as the order arrives to arrange a date.

3. We install your pet door and if there is a VAT benefit, you will be refunded the overpayment immediately after installation.  

Buy the installation

Or: install your pet door yourself!

Our pet doors are designed so that you can easily install them yourself. You will find a saw template on delivery and make sure to watch the installation video.

Dog doors | wooden dog doors that are easy to install yourself | © Tomsgates