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How much does a beautiful wooden cat flap or dog door cost?

Our passion: making dog and cat flaps that look good and are of real quality. But there is a price on our pet doors. And we are happy to explain why they cost what they do.

Biggest creation, small impact

A Tomsgates flap is a product you will own for a long time (maybe even for the nine lives of your cat, when you buy one of our beautiful cat flaps). It is not only their longevity that makes our hatches sustainable, but also the use of quality wood from responsible forestry contributes to this. Moreover, they are manufactured in Belgium in a decent workshop, by our own craftsmen.

Not only because we like that and can guarantee the quality, but also because that makes the impact of our pet doors on the environment even smaller compared to other, overseas produced, models.

Not the cheapest pet door

All very well, but you want concrete figures? Then let us be transparent: one hour of production costs us, according to the accountant, about EUR 50.00. Our craftsmen spend about 4 hours lovingly crafting your pet flap. 4 x 40 £ = 160 £.

Add to that the price of the wood, steel locks, rubber flaps, shipping, office rent, delivery van, VAT, etc. and you will see the counter rise even higher. We have not chosen our prices randomly. Quality has its price.

The tail of the story

The bottom line: you will have years of pleasure from a quality product made in a sustainable and local way. So know that, when you buy one of our products, you are getting it from people who lovingly make something beautiful and high-quality for you and your pet.

And that’s priceless, right? ;-)

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