We make solid wooden dog and cat flaps in our own patented design based on 15 years of experience.


The magnetic closure works quietly, and the double seal keeps the wind and rain out.


On the inside our dog and cat flaps have a solid anti-burglary door with steel locks.

Nicely finished

A dog or cat flap made with care in beautiful natural materials.

Easy to order

Either choose a size and colour in our online store or contact us for any other colour, size or type of wood for a product made to measure.

Installation Service

We can install your dog or cat flap for you or you can easily do it yourself.

Tomsgates dog doors

Made of sustainable wood and natural materials. Designed to look great in your home!

We specialise in meticulously designed pet flaps that blend in with a contemporary interior. Our flaps can be installed in interior doors, exterior doors, or walls.

For both dogs and cats

Suitable for cats, puppies and small to (very) large dogs

The flexible rubber flap is patented and gives your pet the convenience of easy entry and exit. The slats provide protection against rain and draught, and the magnetic closure allows for silent opening and closing.

Also puppies, kittens or cats can pass through a large flap as they only need to push open the bottom slats.

Custom made solutions and web shop

Contact us for custom made solutions or choose from the web shop.

Initially, the dog doors and cat doors were only custom made and installed by us.

Today we also have a web shop with 15 ready-to-use doors that you can install yourself or have installed by Tomsgates.

Are you a handy person or do you have two left hands?

You can install the door yourself or have it installed by our installation service.

We offer you a complete solution: a beautiful, high quality dog door or cat door that we will neatly install in doors, gyproc or wooden walls, stone walls etcetera if requested.