Wooden dog doors and cat doors

✓ Insulated
✓ Draught-free
✓ Secure
✓ Quiet

A wooden cat flap or dog door in glass, in your interior door or exterior door

You do enjoy opening the door for your pet, but still, sometimes you think it would be so much more comfortable if they had a pet door they could use to come in and go out on their own.

But plastic cat flaps and dog doors have a bad reputation of being very uncomfortable: draught, flapping noises, not secure against burglars, not insulated, etc.

Then have a look at our alternative for cat flaps and dog doors in our shop. You will probably discover something you will both 😊 enjoy for years.

A dog door or a cat flap in a wall

And, talking about comfort: our pet doors for walls have a double flap, one on the inside wall and one on the outside wall. In between is a massive wooden tunnel, highly insulating.

As standard, all our cat flaps and dog flaps are supplied with a closing door that is nearly 2 cm thick. Then everything is closed tightly!

And do you also want the comfort of having the pet door installed? In many countries we are happy to fit it for you, but it has been developed so that you can easily install it yourself. A fun project for a DIYer. 

The advantages
of a wooden cat flap or dog flap

Insulated, wind- & draught-free

Hence the wood on the rubber flaps of our cat flaps and dog flaps: the soft rubber seals off draughts, and the wooden strips perfectly maintain the shape of the soft rubber, for years! In addition, the wooden strips insulate against the cold.

And when the wind really gets too crazy, there is a massive wooden locking door that closes the pet door tightly.

Secure, inconspicuous

All dog doors and cat flaps are supplied with a 2-cm thick massive wooden closing door that locks in a secure manner with a steel lock. You can rest assured: that door will keep your pet safely inside and, in addition, will protect against burglars.

Moreover, by using wood on the flap, our pet door is less conspicuous in your door or wall than a transparent plastic pet door.

Quiet, no flap rattling on your cat flap or dog flap

The supple flaps of our cat flaps and dog flaps close silently thanks to the soft rubber-on-rubber closure, so no clacking noises.

And no squeaking hinges or closing locks either… quiet!

Well thought-out cat doors and dog doors for your night’s rest and that of your neighbours 😴  

About Tomsgates

Let us DIY a dog door‘, we decided in the 1990s.

We needed a solid dog door for our large dogs that would keep out the cold and draught. But it also had to be suitable for our small pets. Such a dog flap and cat door did not exist, so we decided to make it ourselves.

We did not want a door with a chip, because our pets could become frustrated when they got trapped without any apparent reason. It did get a night door that locks with a steel lock, so that dogs and cats can be kept inside in a secure manner and as protection against burglars.

In the beginning, our pets destroyed many doors. We replaced a number of flaps, but our rubber flap with strips ended up lasting for years. An unexpected advantage of rubber was that the flap closes quietly, with a sigh :-)

In 2014 we patented our design and styled it nicely in insulating wood. In the meantime, our cat flaps and dog doors are being sold in 32 countries and you can order it online here in all sizes. In some countries you can have your pet door installed by us, but we designed it so that you can easily fit it yourself. A DIY enthusiast or local handyman or handywoman will enjoy this project and continue our DIY tradition.

You will enjoy a quality cat flap or dog door that is made locally in a sustainable way, for years to come.

Ivan Vandevivere
Tomsgates since 2014


Our   doors are easy to install yourself. Still want the assistance of a professional? Then use our experienced installation services to install your dog door or cat flap.

When you place your order, you will immediately see the installation price. When we receive your order, we will contact you for an appointment.

Teaching your dog or cat to go through a dog door or cat flap

Being able decide for itself to enter & leave the nest is just as natural for an animal as it is for us with our home.

And yet …. leaving the nest can be difficult because of a sense of insecurity about the outside, or: like a mother straightening a child’s jacket before it goes out, your dog or cat is used to the reassuring ritual of you opening the door and thereby signalling that it’s okay to go outside.

It’s hard to predict, but it’s possible that your pet is not immediately comfortable with the dog door or cat flap and therefore needs a little assistance.

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