Wooden dog and cat flaps for doors and walls

Durable, insulated from the cold and beautiful in your home

The advantages of Tomsgates dog and cat flaps

Sustainable, Strong and Beautiful

Our door flaps are made from tropical wood from responsible forest management. That makes them beautiful in your home but they are also strong and will last for years.


Our pet flaps come with a 2 cm thick solid wooden closer with steel lock. On the outside they do not look like the typical dog or cat flap.


The flap opens and closes silently, no clapping sounds !

Insulated, Water- and Windproof

The Tomsgates pet doors have a wind & waterproof energy efficient rubber flap with wooden slats, patented in 2013. The shutters through the wall even have two flaps!

Easy Installation

The dog and cat flaps through the door and through the wall are easy to install yourself or you can have them installed by our installation service.

Satisfied Customers

Our customers rate us at 9,4/10 – Be sure to read the reviews !

Our pet flaps are durable, made from sustainable tropical wood.
Designed to look great in your home.

With care we make durable dog flaps and cat flaps that fit in a contemporary interior. Our shutters can be placed in interior doors, exterior doors or walls.

Suitable for cats, puppies and small to (very) large dogs.

The flexible rubber flap is patented and ensures a pleasant, silent opening and closing for your dog or cat and guarantees the seal against rain and draughts.

Even small puppies, kittens or cats can pass through a large dog flap because they only have to push open the lower slats.

Our installation service comes along or you can easily install it yourself.

We offer you a complete solution: a beautiful, high-quality dog or cat flap that, if you wish, can be neatly installed by us in doors, gyproc or wooden walls, stone walls, …

Can’t find the solution in our webshop?

Then we’ll make you a custom flap, contact us herefor.