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Does an insulated dog door and a draught-free cat flap exist ?

Using wood and rubber, we make insulated dog doors and draught proof cat flaps.

Dog and cat doors are meant to let pets in and out but for the owners, in turn, it is important to keep the cold out and the heat in. Not impossible, we resolutely chose wood in 2014 when designing our doors because it is naturally insulating and rubber to get the best possible seal.

Standard Dog and cat flaps have the bad reputation of actually letting cold in. And they even cause very unpleasant draughts. Logical as classic flaps are usually just thin sheets of plastic installed in a patio door. And such a device is obviously a real thermal bridge. If you decided to close it, the only possibility would be to place a thin metal or plastic plate on the front.

Worse?! A cat or dog flap in an outside wall. Drilling a hole in a 30 cm thick hollow wall and then sealing it with a plastic sheet? No way! In these times of crisis and energy concerns it’s impossible. We simply cannot afford this kind of DIY anymore!

Keep doors closed, then! Too sad for our four-legged friends who love to walk freely in and out of the garden in winter. Too bad for your beautiful woodwork that they will scratch when they want to get out. And have you thought about you? Too glad to play doorkeeper all day and all night so your four-legged can go for a walk, or not?

Ok! All this is so absurd knowing all the made efforts in order to keep our homes warm, comfortable and cozy while being budget conscious. The easiest solution would be to stop installing cat and dog flaps, but we have a much better solution.
We have all the energy-efficient answers to solve your energy and comfort concerns in one flash:

Our materials

Let’s first talk about our choice of materials. Wood, rubber (and air) are not only very durable materials but also have natural insulating properties.

And the combination of these materials is already an answer to some questions. If you want to know more about it, we have written a separate article on it that describes the three way our pet doors are insulated. Read about it here …

But the materials on their own are not enough, the door must also be properly installed

Our installation

Our installation, combined with durable, high quality and aesthetic materials, is our true flagship. We provide a customized solution to every problem. Whether your wall is hollow, solid, brick, concrete,… we always find the best solution for you! We install them expertly, insulate them perfectly and thus make them more ecological.

Making your four-legged friend happy with a pet door? Discover our offer