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3 tips for an insulated and draught-free dog or cat flap

With wood, rubber and some thinking, we make the best pet door to get through ☃️ with warm feet.

Typical dog doors and cat flaps have a bad reputation for letting winter cold in: they dare to draft, the cat flap is thin plastic and the frame is a real cold bridge. But our wooden doors are designed to keep the cold out and the warmth nice and warm inside. Especially now that we are looking for ways to save energy and reduce our electricity and gas consumption, an insulated cat flap or dog door is a valuable investment!

We design and manufacture our flaps ourselves, resistant to the Belgian weather and we came up with three solutions to insulate efficiently.

Tomsgates geïsoleerd kattenluik hondenluik
Insulation #1

a flap insulated with wood

Our flaps are made of 0.10 inch (2.5 mm) thick rubber, covered on both sides with 0.40 inches (1 cm) thick wood, that’s 0.80 inches (2 cm) wood ! The rubber doesn’t feel cold in itself, the 0.80 inches (2 cm) of wood almost corresponds to the thickness of the panels that we usually saw from the door: these are also usually wooden panels of about 0.80 inches (2cm) thick. So you replace them with something similar.

A simple & good idea. And unique, because we have our flap patented 😊

Insulation #2

the double flap in a tunnel

Our doors for installation in walls have a double flap: one on the inside wall and one on the outside wall. This way, you create an insulating layer of air between the two flaps.

Very comfortable!

Insulation #3

a sealing deluxe night door

And if winter does get really harsh, you can always use the 0.80 inches (2 cm) thick solid wooden closing door to seal the pet flap completely shut. You will -once again- create a layer of air between the flap and the door which also adds to the insulation.

Our cat flap and dog door installation service


Our installation, combined with durable, high quality and aesthetic materials, is our true flagship. We provide a customized solution to every problem. Whether your wall is hollow, solid, brick, concrete,… we always find the best solution for you! We install them expertly, insulate them perfectly and thus make them more ecological.

This way, your cat and dog flaps will be totally ready to face the cold winter and avoid any energy waste!

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