Cat Door

From Siamese kitten to Maine Coon house tiger: they all like to go outside and come back inside. You may enjoy playing doorman/woman, but why not give both of you 😊 the comfort of a cat flap? However, cat doors do not have the reputation of being comfortable at all: they let the cold through, make flapping noises, etc.

A Tomsgates cat flap is:

draught-free and insulating

securely lockable

quiet, no clacking noises

We have cat doors to fit in doors and glass, but our pet doors with a double flap to fit in the wall are extra comfortable. You can easily fit them yourself, or you can include our fitting service in your online order.

Here you will buy a pet door that you both will enjoy for years.



W 12 x H 18 cm
W 4.72 x H 7.09 inch


W 20 x H 24 cm
W 7.87 x H 9.45 inch


W 28 x H 34 cm
W 11.02 x H 13.39 inch



W 20 x H 24 cm
W 7.87 x H 9.45 inch


W 28 x H 34 cm
W 11.02 x H 13.39 inch

Three sizes of cat flaps, which one to choose?

Do the door test: open your door at the width of the pet door and call the cat in. When this goes smoothly, you have the right width:

Felix (XS) pet door
Open your door 12 cm and call your cat in. No problem? Then take the Felix (XS) cat door.

Nipper (S)
Open your door 20 cm and call the cat in. If that goes smoothly, then take the Nipper (S) cat flap. 

Jake (M)
Open your door 24 cm. If it only works this way, then you need cat flap Jake (M).

A cat door in glass, in a wall, an exterior or interior door?

  • Cat door in double glass: that is a job for a glazier. They will come and measure the window in order to replace it. Make sure your pet door is delivered to you when the glazier comes to measure the window. Then he can take the exact measurements of the door as well and you’ll be sure to be fine!
  • Cat flap in door: our wood, rubber, aluminium, etc. is of the same quality as interior or exterior doors. A real door-in-your-door.
  • Cat door in wall: the most comfortable option thanks to the two flaps (on the inside and outside wall), which create an insulating air layer in between. This is what we recommend from a technical point of view.

Why Tomsgates?

Insulated, draught- and wind-resistant

Hence the wood on our flaps: the flap is made of soft rubber that seals off draughts, and the wooden strips perfectly maintain the shape of the soft rubber, for years! In addition, the wooden strips insulate against the cold.

And when the wind really gets too crazy, there is a massive wooden locking door that closes the pet door tightly.

Secure, inconspicuous

All pet doors are supplied with a 2-cm thick massive wooden night door that locks in a secure manner with a steel lock. You can rest assured: that door will keep your pet safely inside and, in addition, will protect against burglars.

Moreover, by using wood on the flap, our pet door is less conspicuous in your door or wall than a transparent plastic pet door.

Quiet, no flap rattling

The supple flap closes silently thanks to the soft rubber-on-rubber closure, so no clacking noises.

And no squeaking hinges or closing locks either… quiet!

A big difference for your night’s rest and that of your neighbours ;-)  

Fit your cat door yourself or have it installed?

In Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain and California (US) we have installers, so you can include the installation in your online order. We will then contact you a few days later to arrange the installation date. Very comfortable: we install with little dust and take all waste with us.

But to be honest, if you can make the hole in the door or wall yourself, the rest of the work is very easy. No fiddling about with small, fragile parts: only high-quality materials that are a pleasure to work with. A fun project for a handy DIYer.

Use wood for a cat flap?

Indeed, because wood gives you a lot of pleasure: it insulates, looks good, feels nice, etc.

And our wood is low-maintenance because it has been treated with oil, so that dirt cannot enter it. So if you polish the pet door a few times a year with a cloth with some oil, it will stay in excellent condition for years.

By the way, you can also order our cat flaps ‘natural’ as well for you to finish them the way you want: do you like your cat door black, blue-grey, etc.? It’s possible!

The cat flap is simply a gem to behold! And the installation by the Veluwse Contractor (Netherlands) is in one word, perfect!

Clara Claes