Medium-sized pet door for dogs and cats, for in your door

Suitable for large cat breeds and medium-sized dogs from 14 to 20 inches (35 to 50cm) shoulder height .

JAKE | Installation Medium Dog Door | In a door

Have your pet door installed in 4 steps:

  1. ORDER – You add the installation to the shopping basket and pay together with the cat flap or dog door you buy.
  2. AGREE ON A DATE – When we receive your purchase, we will propose an installation date within 24h. Doesn’t it fit? Then we will continue our search together!
  3. FITTING – Upon installation, we take the waste with us and leave everything neat and tidy.
  4. REFUND – Do you live in Belgium and are you eligible for the reduced VAT of 6% instead of 21%? The installation in a door will only cost you 176 euros ands in a wall 286 euro.

Is this the right size for your pet ?

Suitable for medium sized dogs with a shoulder height of up to 50 cm such as the Fox Terrier, Beagle, Jack Russel, Dachshund, Doodle, Poodle, … and also medium sized heavier dogs such as the English Bulldog, Basset Hound, ….

As well, particularly suitable for larger cat breeds such as the Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Ragamuffin, …

Puppies, cats and smaller dogs can also use this pet door because they only have to open the lower slats of the flexible flap.

10,9″ wide x 13,6″ high
28 cm wide x 35 cm high

7,9″ (20 cm) from the floor

Frame included
14,49″ wide x 17,2″ high
36,8 cm wide x 43,7 cm high 

Ready-oiled or creative with the natural version ?

Our dog doors are available in a white or grey-oiled finish, but there is also a natural version.

In the natural version, the dog flap has not been treated with oil, but it has been fully finished and sanded, so it is ready for further finishing yourself whatever oil, paint, varnish, etc. you think looks nice.

A natural finished dog door placed outdoors needs to be protected against moisture to stay beautiful for a long time. We like to use oil for this, but there are plenty more good and really beautiful products on the market.

A dog flap in a door, a pane or in glass?

You can install your dog doors in anything with a thickness of maximum 15 cm:

  • doors in wood, aluminium, plastic, steel, etc.
  • glass: single glass, double glass, etc.
  • walls up to 15 cm thick in wood, stone, Gyproc, metal stud, etc.

There is no minimum thickness: the metal or plastic 1 mm screen door is already sufficient. The dog flap is designed such that it will always adapt nicely.

Tropical Rubberwood or European Oak?

    • Rubberwood is the wood from rubber trees that have got too old for making rubber anymore and are being replaced by young trees. The oak that we use is of European origin and has also been obtained from responsible forestry.
    • Rubberwood is white-beige in hue and smooth – highly prized in Danish design. Oak is dark and venous, full of character and a staple in furniture and cabinetwork.
    • Both are equally durable, to be treated when used outside.

    This makes it mainly a choice as to what you think looks nicest in your home!

Installing your dog door yourself or having that done?

Our dog flaps are easy to install yourself:

  • only two components: the door and a frame that slides onto it
  • a sturdy cardboard template to cut the hole to size
  • a video that explains everything nicely.

So if you think you can manage to make the hole, the installation of your dog door is a fun DIY project!

Rather get it installed by a professional?

  • we install in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and California (US)
  • easy: when placing your order, you can order the installation along with it
  • Fixed price, no surprises!

We will contact you within two days of your order to arrange an appointment.

The advantages
of a wooden cat flap or dog door

Insulated, wind- & draught-free

Hence the wood on the rubber flaps of our wooden cat flaps and dog doors: the soft rubber seals off draughts, and the wooden strips perfectly maintain the shape of the soft rubber, for years! In addition, the wooden strips insulate against the cold.

And when the wind really gets too crazy, there is a massive wooden locking door that closes the pet door tightly.

Secure, inconspicuous

All dog doors and cat flaps are supplied with a 2-cm thick massive wooden closing door that locks in a secure manner with a steel lock. You can rest assured: that door will keep your pet safely inside and, in addition, will protect against burglars.

Moreover, by using wood on the flap, our pet door is less conspicuous in your door or wall than a transparent plastic pet door.

Quiet, no flap rattling on your cat flap or dog door

The supple flaps of our cat flaps and dog doors close silently thanks to the soft rubber-on-rubber closure, so no clacking noises.

And no squeaking hinges or closing locks either… quiet!

Well thought-out cat doors and dog flaps for your night’s rest and that of your neighbours 😴  

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