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Find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our products and services. Regardless of whether you are looking for information on placing an order, returning a pet door, or solving a problem, we have the answers you need.

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How does my dog or cat interact with the pet door?

My dog or cat won’t want to use the flap/door.


To a dog or a cat, a dog door or cat flap is much more than a toy: it means freedom, the ability to do their business outside their ‘nest’, an extension of their territory, contact with pet friends from the neighbours, etc.

So when your pet is initially hesitant to use the dog door or cat flap, show them that it’s a passageway, block their usual route and be patient, give them time to discover the possibilities … it will surely work out ! We have received lots of tips & tricks from our customers, read our blog on this subject.

Can a cat or puppy also go through a large flap/door?


Absolutely! Our patented flap system is designed to allow a small animal (pup, cat, kitten) to go through the pet door because it only needs to push open the bottom slat while a large animal pushes open the whole flap. This was an important step in the development of our pet doors.

Is there access control with chips?


Tomsgates exclusively builds durable dog doors and cat flaps. The chips-based access systems do not achieve the same level of durability and risk letting you down quite quickly. On top of which, chip systems are not very animal friendly. It’s a better idea to use the closing door to make clear to your dog or cat that the pet door is now closed.

Will the neighbours’ pets now come into my house too?


In contrast with other dog doors and cat flaps, ours are not transparent. So it is not clear to a passing animal that it’s a passageway instead of, for instance, a grid.

Can burglars enter via the flap/door?


In the web store, a massive, 2 cm thick closing door featuring a steel lock and hinge is standard for all Tomsgates pet doors. In addition, the door is non-transparent and does not look like a typical dog door.

How will the pet door be delivered?

How will the flap/door be delivered?


We deliver the package to bpost, who in some countries, for instance, in the Netherlands, collaborate with DHL and Postnl. In case the cat flap or dog door arrives in a damaged condition, or should you have any other problem or question regarding the delivery, do not hesitate to contact us. We will set it right immediately! If your pet door arrives in a damaged condition we will immediately replace it. The carrier is automatically selected in our web shop.

I did not receive what I was expecting!


In case your receive something upon delivery that does not match what you had in mind when you placed the order, please contact us immediately. We will solve the issue right away! If we cannot come to a solution that is good for you, we will of course reimburse you.

Technical aspects of the dog door and cat flap

Does a wooden flap/door require special maintenance?


Every animal has a little grease on its pelt which can rub off on the door or flap. This can be removed quite simply with some soapy water. Should the pet door become a little weathered after a while due to sun and rain, you can do a light sanding and treat it with a suitable oil for wood.  It is better you should treat the wood once too many than once too few, the wood will be grateful and stay beautiful for a long time.

My flap/door is broken!


Our dog doors and cat flaps are durable, built to last for years. Our types of wood and rubber, however, are natural products which may show defects. Any material defects will present themselves within 2 years, which matches the warranty period. We will then carry out any repair work free of charge under the warranty. Should any problems arise later, please do contact us because we will always try to find a solution.

What are the dimensions of the flap/door?


You will find all dimensions here. Our standard pet doors and cat flaps are for doors of up to 6 cm thick but are also available up to a thickness of 15 cm. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on this subject! 

Can I install the flap/door myself?


That is certainly possible!

You make the opening, shove in the flap or door and screw it down with four screws. We provide several installation videos as a manual.

What happens if I order the installation service?


If you selected this option you will be contacted to make an appointment with our installer. The installer will come to install your cat flap or dog door at the arranged time, this will take about one-and-a-half to two hours in case of a dog door or cat flap in a door and around five hours for one in a wall.
We will take away any construction waste, use dust extraction and leave everything in a clean and orderly fashion.

Can a flap/door also be installed in a wall?



We are highly experienced and have special materials for this purpose which allow us to work dust-free. This will require about five hours of work.

We remove the construction waste as well so that everything is left in a clean and orderly condition.

Can a flap/door also be installed in glass?


We only advise this in case of tempered glass (can also be insulated tempered glass). You should take into account that there can be a lot of tension on glass (for instance, in winter when it’s freezing outside and warm inside), which means there is a substantial risk the glass could tear or break as a result of the opening of the pet door.

Another option is to replace part of the glass with a panel in which the pet door can be installed, or installing a pet door in the wall.

VAT, shipping costs and delivery time



Are you a customer from within the EU?

  1. The prices include VAT
  2. Customers from outside Belgium can submit a valid VAT number which will shift the VAT to the country of purchase

are you a customer from outside the EU? 

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Is there a VAT advantage if I have my flap/door installed?


That’s right! Under certain conditions, you can get a nice VAT rebate in Belgium, which makes installing your pet door a very interesting proposition indeed!

Shipping costs and delivery times


We will keep you informed during the production and preparation of your order.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you want something delivered urgently.

Standard delivery periods:

Place of Delivery Costs
insured shipment
Delivery Period
Rubberwood cat flaps and dog doors for doors
and Nipper (S) oak cat flaps and dog doors
Delivery Period
other web shop cat flaps and dog doors
Belgium Pet doors for doors: €18.75 + VAT

Pet doors for walls: €32.14 + VAT

6 to 7 working days 11 to 12 working days

EU countries,
and the United States
Pet doors for doors: €25.89 + VAT

Pet doors for walls: €41.07 + VAT

8 to 10 working days 11 to 13 working days

outside the EU
€65.00 10 to 15 working days 15 to 20 working days

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