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A beautiful wooden cat flap in glass or dog flap in a glass door ?

It’s is all possible: a cat flap in a glass door, a dog flap in a sliding window or in the sliding door, and so on. But how do you get started ? We are not glass installers but our pet doors are also installed in glass. Here are our experiences !

How to make a cat flap or a dog door in a double-glazed window?

To install a dog or cat flap in single glazing, a handy DIYer can do it himself. Making a hole and installing the door is a fun job and it gives a lot of satisfaction to do it yourself.

In double glazing, however, it is impossible to do this yourself. When you make a hole in double glazing, you break the seal of the gas layer between the two glass panels. The hole cannot be made on site, only in a workshop or glass factory. Therefore, you will have to buy a new window. After that, the window with the hole has to be transported to you. This is anything but self-evident: it is a big risk to transport a window with a hole in it. Because of the hole, the glass is very fragile and can break easily.

Now do you understand why not all glaziers want to take this on? However, we have our own connections in some places, glaziers who are willing to do this. Feel free to contact us for our experiences.

Note: Our wooden cat or dog flaps can also be fitted in glass windows and glass doors.

large dog door and cat flap installed in a glas door

Quality material for your cat flap in glass

It is also extremely important to use high-quality glass before fitting a cat flap. After all, the glass must be able to absorb large fluctuations in temperature. In winter, when it is freezing outside and it is cosily warm inside, your pet wants to go outside too. The animal then takes the dog or cat flap that is in your glass window. The glass, which is only a few inches thick, must not only be able to cope with the enormous difference in temperature of around 30 degrees, but also with the shock of the cat flap closing. To avoid having to buy a new window soon, don’t go for the cheapest, but for the highest quality material.

Round or rectangular?  That is entirely up to you! Some people think that only round holes are possible, but that is nonsense: a rectangular hole is perfectly possible. A nice rectangular cat or dog flap is much nicer than a round hole.

What material will be used in my glass door?

In terms of appearance, you may of course have doubts as to whether wood would go well with a glass door or window. You can see from the picture that a wooden cat or dog flap goes very well with a glass window. It is also the only way to keep out the cold. Think of a plastic pet door with a flap of a few millimetres thick: a cold bridge that will scare you! Our wooden doors provide better insulation.

What other possibilities are there?

Do you have a door to put the pet door in? You can do that too! Installing a cat or dog flap in a door is very cost-efficient, no external costs are needed. We can do the installation for you.

Or are you considering a pet door in your wall? You also get two flaps on the pet door. One of them on the inside of the wall, the other on the outside. This gives you an insulating layer of air between the flaps. Again, there are no external costs involved. We do all this ourselves.
From a technical point of view, we recommend going for the wall option. Between the double flap, an insulating layer of air is created, which is very comfortable in winter!

Making your four-legged friend happy with a pet door? Discover our offer


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