Cat flap in your wall

Give your pet the freedom to go where they please, without constantly having to open and close doors. A Tomsgates cat flap in your wall is highly convenient and offers many advantages to both pets and owners.

The advantages
of a wooden cat flap or dog door

Insulated, wind- & draught-free

Hence the wood on the rubber flaps of our wooden cat flaps and dog doors: the soft rubber seals off draughts, and the wooden strips perfectly maintain the shape of the soft rubber, for years! In addition, the wooden strips insulate against the cold.

And when the wind really gets too crazy, there is a massive wooden locking door that closes the pet door tightly.

Secure, inconspicuous

All dog doors and cat flaps are supplied with a 2-cm thick massive wooden closing door that locks in a secure manner with a steel lock. You can rest assured: that door will keep your pet safely inside and, in addition, will protect against burglars.

Moreover, by using wood on the flap, our pet door is less conspicuous in your door or wall than a transparent plastic pet door.

Quiet, no flap rattling on your cat flap or dog door

The supple flaps of our cat flaps and dog doors close silently thanks to the soft rubber-on-rubber closure, so no clacking noises.

And no squeaking hinges or closing locks either… quiet!

Well thought-out cat doors and dog flaps for your night’s rest and that of your neighbours 😴  

Will my house still be well-insulated after installing a cat flap in the wall?

Our pet doors for in the wall have a double flap: an extra flap on the inside. A insulating layer of air is created between the two flaps which ensures that in winter you will no longer feel the cold outside when your dog or cat goes through the dog door or cat flap. Our pet doors for in your wall also have a solid wooden tunnel, which is necessary to trap the insulating layer of air and also ensures that your four-legged friend can comfortably go in and out.

Does a pet door for in my wall require a major alteration?

Should the pet door ever have to be removed, the wall can easily be repaired. Interior walls can be perfectly bricked up again and if you don’t have any bricks in reserve, our installer can carefully remove your bricks and leave them with you after the installation.

The installation of a cat flap in your wall.

Our cat flaps are easy to install yourself. Thanks to our installation service, your can also leave it to a professional. In Belgium, it’s our own staff who install the Tomsgates doors and flaps. In the Netherlands, Norway and the UK we organise this in collaboration with local permanent partners. We therefore guarantee service and quality.

The installation in a wall takes about 5 hours. After the installation, we will leave everything in a clean and orderly condition. We use dust extraction and take the construction waste with us. The price is set in advance, no bills will be submitted later.

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