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Bouncer (Large)

Large dog flap

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The opening is 27 cm wide and 40 cm high. This dog flap is best installed at about 20 cm above floor level so that dogs up to approximately 60 cm tall can easily pass.

Suitable for

  • dogs with a shoulder height of up to 25.5 inches and a normal passage width, typical examples are a Labrador, Border Collie, Boxer, Rhodesian Ridgeback, etc.
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Natural Swatch Image of Dog Flap
Grey Swatch Image of Dog Flap
White Swatch Image of Dog Flap

Tomsgates Installation Service

Available in Belgium, the Netherlands, London and Greater London, Manchester, Warrington, Bolton and Stockport. Have a look below to see if you are eligible for a VAT reduction!

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Product description


The Tomsgates wooden doors for Cats and Dogs in this webshop are made out of Rubberwood, an ecologically sound hardwood with the FSC label.

Customised doors are also available in other FSC-labelled types of wood, including padauk, cedar, afrormosia, oak, cambara, etc., as well as other formats and designs. Call us or fill in the form.

Een houten hondenluik van Tomsgates is zeer sterk.
A wooden Tomsgates dog door has a patented flexible rubber flap.


The design of the door is patented: a flexible rubber flap ensures your pet can slide in and out of the door in a smooth way. The slats provide protection against rain and draught, and the magnetic closure allows for silent opening and closing.

Even puppies, kittens or cats can pass through a large flap as they only need to push open the bottom slats.


Each dog or cat door is supplied with a separate door to enable you to secure it from the inside. This is a sturdy, 2 cm thick solid wooden door which is detachable and can therefore be easily stored elsewhere to be out of the way. The lock and the handles are made of high quality black powder-coated steel: strong and stylish.

Een houten hondenluik van Tomsgates wordt veilig afgesloten door een massief houten deur.
Een houten hondenluik van Tomsgates kan worden afgewerkt in de kleur en olie van uw keuze.

Nicely finished

The wooden dog and cat doors in this web shop are finished with a white or grey oil. You can easily oil or paint the natural version by yourself.

Painting is possible, but we recommend the use of oil. In this way the door is easy to maintain with a little soapy water.

We can also oil your door in other colours, for example in the RAL colour of your joinery. Contact us by phone or e-mail for more info.

Felix (XS) Nipper (S) Jake (M) Bouncer (L) Beethoven (XL)
Passage height (Hp) 7.09 9.45 13.39 15.75 17.72
width (Wp) 4.72 7.87 11.02 10.63 12.60
depth (Dp) 4.33 4.33 4.33 4.33 4.33
External height (He) 10.63 12.99 16.93 19.29 21.26
width (We) 8.27 11.42 14.57 14.17 16.14
depth (De) 4.33 4.33 4.33 4.33 4.33
Installation opening
“cutting hole size”
recommended height from floor 3.94 3.94 5.91 7.87 9.84
height (Hi) 8.27 10.63 14.57 16.93 18.90
width (Wi) 5.91 9.06 12.20 11.81 13.78
panel maximum thickness (Di) 2.36 2.36 2.36 2.36 2.36

Dimensions in inches


Tomsgates can also install your door. We can make openings in wood, aluminium or plastic joinery, plasterboard or wooden walls of up to 3.5 inches and masonry walls up to 17.7 inches thick.

We take all waste materials with us, we use dust extraction and leave everything tidy and clean!

Choose this option when buying the pet flap, and you will be contacted within 72 hours to make an appointment with our installer if you wish so. Installation is also possible during the weekends. The installer will install your pet door on the agreed day and time; the installation takes about one and a half hour.

Do you want more information about the installation? Contact us without engagement.


step-by-step instructions for the installation

Upon delivery of your door you will also receive a template with the correct size of the opening to be made in your door for the supplied pet door. Download here a PDF with step-by-step instructions for the installation.

Installatiegids - stap 1
Installatiegids - stap 2
Installatiegids - stap 3
Installatiegids - stap 4
Installatiegids - stap 5
Installatiegids - stap 6
Installatiegids - stap 7
Installatiegids - stap 8

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Sorry, the pet door for walls thicker than 2.1 inches isn’t available for sale yet.