Dog door in your door

Give your pet the freedom to leave and enter the house without constantly having to open the door for them, thanks to the Tomsgates dog doors in your door. It has advantages for both you and your four-legged friend.

The advantages
of a wooden cat flap or dog door

Insulated, wind- & draught-free

Hence the wood on the rubber flaps of our wooden cat flaps and dog doors: the soft rubber seals off draughts, and the wooden strips perfectly maintain the shape of the soft rubber, for years! In addition, the wooden strips insulate against the cold.

And when the wind really gets too crazy, there is a massive wooden locking door that closes the pet door tightly.

Secure, inconspicuous

All dog doors and cat flaps are supplied with a 2-cm thick massive wooden closing door that locks in a secure manner with a steel lock. You can rest assured: that door will keep your pet safely inside and, in addition, will protect against burglars.

Moreover, by using wood on the flap, our pet door is less conspicuous in your door or wall than a transparent plastic pet door.

Quiet, no flap rattling on your cat flap or dog door

The supple flaps of our cat flaps and dog doors close silently thanks to the soft rubber-on-rubber closure, so no clacking noises.

And no squeaking hinges or closing locks either… quiet!

Well thought-out cat doors and dog flaps for your night’s rest and that of your neighbours 😴  

Is the dog door in your door burglar-proof?

It is not uncommon to hear about burglars entering a house through the dog door or cat flap. This is why we find it important to properly secure our dog doors.

First and foremost, we don’t believe many people would voluntarily crawl through a dog door in your door knowing they would come fact-to-face with the dog of the house. But what about when you are on vacation and the house is deserted? The plastic dog doors have a sliding door, but of such poor quality that a little, silent push would suffice to open it.

So we came up with two solutions for your dog door in your door:


First, a free closing door is delivered along with every order for a dog door. Our closing doors are made of 2 cm thick solid wood. Which can be broken, but it wouldn’t go unnoticed and take a lot of effort. The hinge and lock are made of steel, you will notice that a lot of care and attention went into the production of the dog door in your door, it is something that forms part of the whole concept. Because we find security important, this is not an option you have to pay extra for.


Secondly, it doesn’t look like a dog door. A plastic dog door in your door will be noticed immediately. As our dog doors are made of wood, they doesn’t stand out as such. An attentive passer-by might wonder what it was, but would probably suspect it was a grid or some sort of ornament.

Find the door that is right for your dog:

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