Install a dog flap yourself or have it done?

Anyone can install a dog or cat flap. Saw a hole in the door or cut it in the wall, fix the flap, clean up rubbish … ready. But for a nice and solid result, a little bit of knowledge and craftsmanship is required.

Because at Tomsgates we make the most beautiful and robust dog and cat flaps that exist, we like to see them professionally installed. That is why we help do it yourselfers with step-by-step installation instructions and a template to set the exact measurements. For a handyman, the installation is a piece of cake, as this video makes clear.

In the wall or in the door?

Dog flaps can be installed both in the door and in the wall. In most cases the flap will come in the door, as this requires less work and is often the most logical place. Sometimes a spot at the side of the door is a good alternative.

Professional installation service

To people who don’t want to sit for half a day on their knees and opt for convenience, we send one of our installers. He arrives at the agreed time – also in the weekend – finishes the job professionally and takes the debris and waste waste with him when he leaves.