Energy bill friendly pet flaps 

Install an insulated cat flap or an insulated dog door !

Autumn, really a beautiful season, but also the time to keep the cold out and the warmth inside. Especially now, as everyone is searching ways to save energy and reduce their electricity and gas consumption. That’s why getting an insulated cat flap or dog door will be an invaluable investment!

We design and produce our own pet flaps, resistant to the Belgian weather, and we come up with three solutions to insulate efficiently.

Insulation #1

the padded rubber flap

Our flaps are made of 2.5 mm thick rubber, covered on both sides with 1 cm thick wood, that's 2 cm wood ! The rubber doesn't feel cold in itself, the 2 cm of wood almost corresponds to the thickness of the panels that we usually saw from the door: these are also usually wooden panels of about 2 to 3 cm thick. So you replace them with something similar.


Insulation #2

the double flap system

Our wall flaps have a double flap: one on the inside wall and one on the outside wall. This way, you create an insulating air layer between the two, just like for the hole you’ve drilled (or that we have drilled for you). Very comfortable!

Insulation #3

A secure solid wood closing door

And if winter does get really harsh, you can always use the 2 cm thick solid wood closing door to seal the pet flap pot tight. You will -once again-create a layer of air between the flap and the door which also helps to insulate efficiently.

Making your pet happy and meanwhile saving on your energy bill? 

Quickly discover which pet flap suits you!