3 Ways to insulate your dog and cat door from the cold !
Against the cold insulated dog and cat shutters exist !
17 February, 2020 by
3 Ways to insulate your dog and cat door from the cold !
Ivan Vandevivere

Durable wood insulates excellently and Tomsgates turns it into beautiful dog doors and cat doors.


Dog and cat doors have the bad reputation of letting the winter cold in smoothly: they allow draughts to pass pass through. The flap is a thin plastic plate in a well insulated patio door and when you think of closing it, you can only slide in an equally thin metal or plastic plate. Just as if the manufacturers don't even want to make an effort to make an insulated dog or cat flap. Nowadays, that should be a thing of the past ! Not to mention a dog door or cat door through the wall: make a hole in a 30 cm thick cavity wall and close it with a plastic plate !?

This is contrary to all the efforts we are making to keep our homes heated comfortably in an energy-saving way. Wood also plays an important role in insulating houses, take for example stylish, modern wooden claddings. If the dog doors and cat doors industry continue like this, no one will dare or want to install a pet flap in the near future.

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A shame for our beloved pets who enjoy walking freely in and out of the winter garden and also a shame for the beautiful carpentry that dogs and cats scratch when they want to go outside. And of course ... too bad for you, who as a doorman has to be ready day & night. Take a moment to think about the latter. If you actually are standing there when dog or cat wants to go inside or outside, you are a super doorman. And if it takes too long then you become the jailer in the eyes of "fluffy": you are the one who could open the door but doesn't want to.  

We have thought carefully to solve the problem and come up with three solutions: 

Insulation #1
the padded rubber flap

Our flaps are made of 2.5 mm thick rubber, covered on both sides with 1 cm thick wood, that's 2 cm wood ! The rubber doesn't feel cold in itself, the 2 cm of wood almost corresponds to the thickness of the panels that we usually saw from the door: these are also usually wooden panels of about 2 to 3 cm thick. So you replace them with something similar.

Insulation #2

the double flap

Our wall pet doors have two flaps; one on the outside wall and one on the inside wall. This creates an insulating layer of air between the two, just like the cavity wall you just made a hole in (or had made by us).

Dog doors | Cat doors | Dog flap | Cat Flap | Double flap and solid tunnel for installation through a wall | © Tomsgates

Insulation #3

a proper locking door

Finally, if the winter gets really cold, you can use the closing door made of 2 cm thick solid wood to seal your pet door. Again, you create a cavity between the flap and the door, which also insulates even more. 

This means that insulated dog and cat doors made of durable, beautiful wood are a reality ! Feel free to talk about it with your dog or cat if they would like a pet door because for the cold you don't have to say no !