How much does a good dog flap cost?

Dog flaps – and cat flaps – are available in every price range. And with a little dexterity you can make something yourself from material that you have lying around. Why then do animal lovers spend hundreds of pounds for a Tomsgates flap?

Quality costs money

The simple answer to this question is: quality costs money. At Tomsgates we have experimented with all possible flaps from 1998, both purchased and self-designed.

A plastic shutter was ugly, especially when our dog started to bite it. A solid wooden door proved to be too heavy to push open, an aluminum hatch caused an allergic reaction …

It took us years to develop the flap that both we and our pets are 100% happy with. And more and more animal lovers with us.

Premium materials

Tomsgates dog and cat flaps are made of the best materials and operate through a clever, patented system. Slats of beautiful FSC hardwood are connected by a smooth flap of natural rubber. Pets of any size can effortlessly go in and out: small dogs or cats only have to push open the bottom slat.

The use of exclusive woods such as padouk, oak or afrormosia and individual finishing colours make it possible to choose a flap that fits perfectly with the individual living environment. And as security against burglars, each flap is equipped with a 2 cm thick solid wood door with a steel lock.

Pay peanuts, get peanuts

Yes, there are cheaper solutions, but in terms of durability, ease of use and appearance, Tomsgates stands out from the crowd. This level can also be found in our service, which offers possibilities such as customization, individual colours and a fast, professional installation.