Puppy in the house? This dog flap ‘grows up with it.’

You want to install a dog flap to give your new puppy the freedom to go in and out. The question that immediately presents itself is: how big should it be? Not only for now, but also for later, when our little Jackie has matured into a massive Jack of 60+ kilos.

Little puppy will soon be a large dog

How big should the dog flap be? Tomsgates dog flaps are made to solve this problem. The patented system has grown in practice. At one point we had two dogs: a Mastino Napolitano of 90 kg and a Cavalier King Charles of 7 kg. Bigger difference is almost unthinkable. The flap had to be light enough for our toddler and sturdy enough for our giant.

The solution

After a lot of experimenting we designed the patented Tomsgates system, which consists of a smooth rubber flap with hardwood slats. Firm enough for the biggest dogs and effortlessly used by the smallest – and even cats – because they only have to push open the bottom slat.

A Tomsgate dog flap is solid and beautifully executed. The slats are made from exclusive woods such as padouk, oak or afrormosia, and individual finishing colors make it possible to choose a flap that fits perfectly with the individual living environment. And no matter how big – our biggest dog flap Beethoven measures 32 by 45 cm – burglars will find the entrance blocked, thanks to the 2 cm thick solid wood door with a steel lock.

Don’t forget to watch the demo video and check out how small and big dogs can even go through the hatch at the same time ?