Prevent burglars from breaking in through the dog flap

In Bacup, Lancashire, 2 drug addict burglars have entered a house by crawling through a large dog flap in the back door. They ransacked the whole house and stole thousands of pounds worth of goods, a court heard.

The above newspaper report proves that it is better to prevent than to cure. What an unfortunate thing to happen, you think involuntarily when you read such a message. How do you prevent such a thing?

Born optimists might argue as follows: It must be a big dog flap, if a person is capable to go through it. A big hatch indicates a big dog. A house with a big dog is not attractive to burglars. Unfortunately, that is not always true, it does not always seem to deter burglars.

Do not fear! Tomsgates has the solution!


A dog flap from Tomsgates helps to prevent a burglary in two ways.

  1. First of all, it does not look like a dog flap. With its hardwood slats, it seems more like a grid that is fixed in the door or wall.
  2. The second – and sufficient – protection consists of a 2-centimeter thick solid wood door with a steel lock. This impervious anti-burglary protection is standard on all our dog and cat shutters. Even with the largest dog flap named Beethoven, measuring 32 by 45 cm, a burglar does not have a chance to enter.